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Suppliers/Product Management

This free tool allows you to manage your supplier list and product list for accreditation purposes. In particular

Create and manage a List of Suppliers

Add a list of products

List of Assets

List of Maintenance programmes

Create Orders

Manage Deliveries

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FertAid has created a complete LOG BOOK utility to use at no cost. The log Book has a list of procedures commonly used in ART. You can register with QAPonline and under My Profile select from a list of procedures, those that you currently perform. You can create an annual list to log the number of procedures you carry out.

As a QAPsupervisor, you can select frm the same list those procedures that you require staff to do in your clinic adn then allocate them to each staff member. They complete the number of procedures, you sign off on them. They then become part of their professional development record and you Quality Managament System for accreditation purposes.

Professional Development


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