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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2019.16 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 8136-8145 Posted 3/5/2019 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment:FORT/FSH receptor polymorphism/POSEIDON criteria Ovarian reserve/AMH/anti-Müllerian hormone, age/miscarriage/growth, gestation/ Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD The Discriminatory Legal Barrier of Partner Consent in Victorian ART Law: EHT18 v Melbourne IVF
In a single judge ruling, Griffiths J held that the requirement in the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (Vic) (‘ART Act’) for a married woman to obtain the consent of her husband discriminated against the woman in question on the basis of her marital status in contravention of the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth) (‘SD Act’). His Honour stated the Victorian law in this instance ‘invalid and inoperable’ by operation of section
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Publications / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:academic.oup.com] Viewed: 29
IVFD Identification of small non-coding RNAs as sperm quality biomarkers for in vitro fertilization
In conclusion, we investigated differentially expressed sncRNAs in human sperm as candidate markers for evaluating sperm quality during IVF. We demonstrated that differentially expressed tsRNAs, rsRNAs, and miRNAs are linked to sperm quality according to embryo quality, even though these sperm samples were all considered normal by the traditional semen-parameter assessment. Therefore, the sncRNAs, especially tsRNAs and rsRNAs, may be potential cl
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Publications / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:www.nature.com] Viewed: 27
IVFD Compromised global embryonic transcriptome associated with advanced maternal age
A significant, overall decreased global transcriptome was observed in blastocysts from AMA women. The ESR1/SP1/CREBBP pathway, in particular, was found to be a highly significant upstream regulator impacting biological processes that are vital during embryonic patterning and pre-implantation development. These results provide evidence that AMA embryos are compromised on a cell signaling level which can repress the embryo’s ability to proliferate
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- View Link - Keywords: Advanced maternal age Human blastocyst Transcriptome Gene expression
Publications / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:link.springer.com] Viewed: 20
IVFD Is a woman’s chronological age or ‘ovarian age’ more important in determining perinatal outcome after assisted reproductive treatment?
Once pregnant, after adjusting for maternal age, women with poor OR were no more likely to experience a biochemical pregnancy or miscarriage than women with normal OR. There were no significant differences in rate) between women with normal or poor OR.
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- View Link - Keywords: Ovarian reserve AMH anti-Müllerian hormone, age miscarriage growth, gestation
Publications / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:www.tandfonline.com] Viewed: 19
IVFD Understanding Follicular Output Rate (FORT) and its Implications for POSEIDON Criteria
The present review aims to present Follicular Output Rate (FORT) as an efficient quantitative and qualitative marker of ovarian responsiveness to gonadotropins, discuss the underlying mechanisms of impaired sensitivity to FSH and the possible FORT implications for Poseidon criteria.
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Publications / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:www.frontiersin.org] Viewed: 22
IVFD Fresh IVF cycles increase risk of SGA, Frozen Cycles increase risk of LGA: Which is Worse? [A comment].
A 2010 retrospective analysis evaluated 123,383 diverse live births concluding that SGA, but not LGA was associated with increased mortality. In fact, appropriate-for-gestational age (AGA) and LGA neonates had similar likelihoods of death. Therefore, we caution citing aberrant fetal growth as an argument for favoring fresh over frozen IVF cycles without properly considering other elements that may be more relevant.
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Commentary / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:www.ajog.org] Viewed: 21
IVFD There is another new method for cryopreserving small numbers of human sperm cells [Editorial Commentary]
The manuscript by Berkovitz et al. (1), re-opens the debate on a niche, but important, issue in in vitro fertilization concerning the cryopreservation of a very small number of spermatozoa form an ejaculate or with a surgical origin.
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Commentary / [Posted:3/5/2019] / [Source:atm.amegroups.com] Viewed: 60

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