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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2018.26 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 7821-7825 Posted 31/5/2018 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment: Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD Sperm selection by thermotaxis improves ICSI outcome in mice
Collectively, our results indicate that a high quality sperm subpopulation is selected in vitro by thermotaxis and that this subpopulation is also selected in vivo within the fallopian tube possibly by thermotaxis.
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Publications / [Posted:31/5/2018] / [Source:www.nature.com] Viewed: 222
IVFD Secretome of in vitro cultured human embryos contains extracellular vesicles that are uptaken by the maternal side
Communication between embryo and maternal endometrium occurs during a specific time frame in which implantation is possible. Here we demonstrate for the first time that conditioned media from non-manipulated human embryos cultured in vitro for 3 days or up to the blastocyst stage contain extracellular vesicles (EVs) with a diameter of 50 to 200 :nm and bearing the traditional microvesicle and exosome marker proteins CD63, CD9 and ALIX.
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Publications / [Posted:31/5/2018] / [Source:www.nature.com] Viewed: 148
IVFD The influence of body mass index on pregnancy outcome following single-embryo transfer
Conclusions: Our study demonstrated that obesity has no detrimental effect on the clinical pregnancy rate resulting from the transfer of a single fresh embryo.
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Publications / [Posted:14/8/2018] / [Source:link.springer.com] Viewed: 131
IVFD Men may contribute to infertility through newly discovered part of sperm
A new study at The University of Toledo shows that a father donates not one, but two centrioles through the sperm during fertilization, and the newly discovered sperm structure may contribute to infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. The newly discovered centriole functions similarly and along with the known centriole. However, it is structured differently.
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News Articles / [Posted:14/8/2018] / [Source:www.sciencedaily.com] Viewed: 137
IVFD Women sometimes feel regret after electing to freeze their eggs - Experts urge caution as technology to defer childbearing spreads across America
Most women feel empowered by elective procedures that enable them to bank eggs in case they can't conceive naturally later in life, researchers have found. But one in six become regretful, for reasons that researchers do not yet fully understand.
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News Articles / [Posted:31/5/2018] / [Source:www.sciencedaily.com] Viewed: 180

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Can Sperm selection by thermotaxis improve ICSI outcome?
Sperm selected by a warmer temperature gradient appear to have less DNA damage, better qualities and possibly better embryo quality.
Currently, the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is the preferred Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for the treatment of infertility in humans. Furthermore, the interest for its development in farm animals is rising for improving the management of reproductive processes. However, ICSI still inefficient and reports low percentages of pregnancies to term respect to the number of produced embryos. In addition, a concomitant risk of deleterious effects during the life of ICSI derived offspring has been pointed out. It has been suggested that one of the reasons for these issues is the lack of an effective technique for selecting the spermatozoa. This implies a high probability of injecting spermatozoa with damaged DNA explaining both deleterious and lethal effects on embryos and born descendants. Here we present a novel approach in vitro for the selection of the sperm fraction able to migrate within a temperature gradient by thermotaxis. We show in mouse and human that the DNA ported by this fraction is of much higher integrity than before separation. Moreover, using this selected spermatozoa we achieved a substantial improvement of the ICSI outcome in mouse. Finally we found that this sperm subpopulation show the same distribution of the thermosensor rhodopsin than the spermatozoa selected in vivo within the mouse oviduct suggesting that thermotaxis operates as both guidance and selection mechanism of spermatozoa in vivo. The results discussed here could be of high impact at different social, economic and scientific levels. The use of thermotaxis for selecting spermatozoa opens new possibilities for improving ARTs, increasing the success of the fertility treatments in human and veterinary clinics, and reduce the risk of long term effect associated with ICSI. Furthermore, separation of the thermotactic responsive spermatozoa allows analyzing in deep these capacitated cells which will provide novel and valuable knowledge on basic sperm biology.

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