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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2018.25 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 7816-7820 Posted 15/5/2018 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment: Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD Taurine deficiency in sperm causes male infertility [Sperm cells avoid fatal osmotic stress by absorbing taurine while passing through male reproducti
Sperm cells have a unique shape that allows them to travel. During fertilization, sperm pass through several physiological environments while still maintaining their shape, using poorly understood mechanisms. Researchers found that male mice lacking cysteine dioxygenase, a protein involved in taurine production, have severely impaired fertility, and that taurine production allows sperm cells to maintain their shape in response to changing water l
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Publications / [Posted:13/5/2018] / [Source:www.sciencedaily.com] Viewed: 219
IVFD Cysteine dioxygenase is essential for mouse sperm osmoadaptation and male fertility
Our findings suggest that epididymal CDO plays a key role in post testicular sperm maturation, enabling sperm to osmoregulate as they transition from the male to the female reproductive tract, and provide new understanding of the compartmentalized functions of the epididymis.
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Publications / [Posted:13/5/2018] / [Source:febs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com] Viewed: 150
IVFD Severity of congenital heart defects associated with assisted reproductive technologies: Case series and review of the literature
Conclusion:The greatest increase in risk appears to be for mild CHD (nonsurgical), which may inform counseling of patients prior to use of assisted reproductive technologies.
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Publications / [Posted:15/5/2018] / [Source:onlinelibrary.wiley.com] Viewed: 163
IVFD Large for gestational age and macrosomia in singletons born after frozen/thawed embryo transfer (FET) in assisted reproductive technology (ART)
Whether the increased risk of LGA and macrosomia is associated with higher long‐:term health risks remains unknown. Future studies should explore epigenetics modifications in children born after FET and predictors of long‐:term diseases need to be examined further with longitudinal studies.
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Publications / [Posted:15/5/2018] / [Source:onlinelibrary.wiley.com] Viewed: 158
IVFD Low anti-Müllerian hormone concentration is associated with increased risk of embryonic aneuploidy in women of advanced age
Conclusions: These findings indicate that low AMH level was associated with increased risk of embryo aneuploidy only in women of advanced age. Maternal diminished ovarian reserve along with oocyte ageing may contribute to impaired chromosomal competence of the embryo.
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Publications / [Posted:15/5/2018] / [Source:www.rbmojournal.com] Viewed: 177

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