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Two Step Anonymous Logon Information
IVFBenchmark has a two step registration and logon process to provide some degree of validation and protection and to allow an anonymous logon. This process requires two sets of logon and password, the first allowing access to the second anonymous logon.
The first step is to register with Fertaids main register that contains information on clients using QAPonline, IVFDaily and IVCPD activities as well as those wishing to access IVFBenchmark. All clinics, regardless of activity, that can demonstrate a web address to a valid IVF clinic will be provided with a standard logon and password and access to the second anonymous registration to IVFBenchmark. FertAid has no desire to know who is using IVFBenchmark ONLY that access to the IVFBenchmark is via an approved portal confirming they are an IVF clinic. There is no data retained that can be used to identify those using IVFBenchmark so if you lose your IVFBenchmark logon and password, they cannot be recovered.
IVFbenchmark does provide 4 favorite questions (Colour, christian name, food and place) to allow those who have lost their IVFbenchmark data some avenue to recover them. This information is optimal.
Finally, IVFBenchmark is primarily a user tool to identify if key parameters are in or not in control. Benchmark tools to combined data sets is calculated on request and can change. All users of IVFBenchmark can remove their data at any time.
Payment is via a credit system whereby each monthly KPI data uses one credit, Your clinic can purchase any number of credits but the more your purchase, the cheaper they are and they cannot be reused. On registration, you are provided with 12 free credits to explore Benchmark
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