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Set Your Own Control Limits.
  The key to using KPI is to set warning and action limits on your data set.
  A KPI is measurement in your workplace that reflects some activity.

When sufficient data has been collected, it is possible to examine the variability in the activity and make decision whether future activity is within the previously determined normal range or whether is unlikely to occur by chance.

If you use the mean and the standard deviation from past data, you can set warning and action triggers when one or more observations exceed these limits. Typically one SD may act as a warning trigger and two SD as an action trigger.

IVFBenchmark automatically calculates the mean and SD of all KPI data sets and applies these triggers to help you decide if your system needs review and action. Better is the ability of IVFBenchmark to allow you to preset warning and action values to what ever you wish to provide a better reference for data analysis.

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