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During early 2019, Fertaid will be upgrading elements of QAPonline.
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About Listing your Company,Clinic,Organization,Society or professional group.

QAPonline provides the capacity to list in a simple manner your organization name, address, contact details and business activity at no charge. There is a limited list of business types to identify yourself and to allow basic search capacity for browsers. The listing is not editable but if you need to alter some details, please contact office@fertaid.com and quote your business number.

When you complete the basic form, you will be provided with the capacity to edit it again before submitting the details to FertAid. When the office has confirmed the validity of your web site, the site will be marked as open for public viewing.

A valid e-mail address to maintain contact is a requirement for remaining on the listing.

For many organizations, a simple listing is all that is required and QAPonline is happy to provide this facility. If however, you wish to expand the features to include banner advertising within QAPonline, product listing or promotional material, you may like to contact FertAid for further information.

Types of listings
1IVF ClinicAny clinical centre associated with the treatment of infertility eg. IVF Clinic, Genetics Clinic
2Medical ClinicAny centre or clinic associated with the medical sciences.
3LaboratoryAny laboratory, pathology, genetics or other discipline
4SupplierA company that distributes laboratory, clinical or other material to the medical or life sciences
5ManufacturerA company that manufactures laboratory, clinical or other material to the medical or life science
6EducationalUniversity or other teaching unit, course, etc
7SocietyA professional society associated with medical or life sciences
8Support GroupAny support group for medical or life science discipline
10Other .
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