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During 2023, Fertaid and IVFCPD will be merged.
FertAid - IVFLabOnline - Information for Users and Business Managers
For Browsers.
IVFLabonline was established as a central area where ART Scientists can access information on companies and products, find out what's is new and to ask where to find out information.
A mailList has been created to allow manufacturers and distributors to post news and information. This is part of the weekly FertAid News Delivery where browsers may elect to receive product information as well as the news and publication highlights. Promotional product information delivered by FertAid Mail will be identified as such. [see more on FertAid Mail].
Listing of Business and Product links is free and a service of FertAid Quality and Education. If of value, please let your distributors know about the site. FertAid also is developing a Business and product module within FertAid as an accreditation and operational tool that can access the Business Register.
For Manufacturer and Distributors.
FertAid has provided this service free to any comp nay that provides service to Assisted Reproductive or related Units. Fertaid has complied an initial list but you are invited to add you business to the register
FertAid takes the view that it is important for scientists should be aware of all product information as part of their accreditation process and professional activities. IVFLabonline is an independent environment to provide such a service. Other mail groups rightly do not allow promotional activity, IVLabOnline is designed to provide such a service to business and scientists.
The key points are that
1. You can list your company details and description with links to your web site
2. You can list any or all of your products each with a link to your web site.
3. Traffic is visible as to the number of displays and selections to allow your some degree of review.
4. A vehicle to promote your products via front page advertisements, side panel advertisements throughout FertAid pages and the opportunity to post product information via the news service with feedback information.
Please contact FertAid for any promotional activity.
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