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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2018.48 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 7936-7945 Posted 17/11/2018 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment: Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD Association between BMI and semen quality: an observational study of 3966 sperm donors
SUMMARY ANSWER: Underweight was significantly associated with lower sperm concentration, total sperm number and total motile sperm count, while overweight was significantly associated with lower semen volume, total sperm number and total motile sperm count.
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- View Link - Keywords:BMI/semen quality/underweight/overweight/obesity/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:academic.oup.com] Viewed: 0
IVFD Assessment of aneuploidy concordance between clinical trophectoderm biopsy and blastocyst
SUMMARY ANSWER: In the analyzed group of blastocysts, a clinical TE biopsy was an excellent representative of blastocyst karyotype in cases of whole chromosome aneuploidy, but in cases of only segmental (sub-chromosomal) aneuploidy, a TE biopsy was a poor representative of blastocyst karyotype.
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- View Link - Keywords:NGS/PGT-A/segmental aneuploidy/mosaicism/TE Biopsy/ICM/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:academic.oup.com] Viewed: 0
IVFD Secular trends in semen parameters among men attending a fertility center between 2000 and 2017: Identifying potential predictors
Conclusions: Sperm concentration, total count, motility and morphology significantly declined between 2000 and 2017 among subfertile men. These negative trends were attenuated when considering simultaneous changes in reproductive characteristics and urinary phthalates during the course of the study.
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- View Link - Keywords:Semen parameters/Secular trends/Phthalates/Predictors/Male infertility/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:www.sciencedirect.com] Viewed: 16
IVFD Human blastocysts of normal and abnormal karyotypes display distinct transcriptome profiles
We observed that non-viable embryos had a large number of dysregulated genes, some showing a hundred-fold difference in expression. On the contrary, sex chromosome abnormalities, XO and XXX displayed transcriptomes more closely mimicking those embryos with 23 normal chromosome pairs - This is the first paper demonstrating a comprehensive transcriptome delineation of karyotypic abnormalities found in the human pre-implantation embryo.
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- View Link - Keywords:Blastocyst/Genetics/Euploidy/transcriptome
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:www.nature.com] Viewed: 9
IVFD Monozygotic twinning in the IVF era: is it time to change existing concepts?
The initial observations on a series of cases of monozygosity in IVF cycles led authors to suggest a link between the physical condition of the zona pellucida, hatching, and the generation of identical twins [5]. The advent of prolonged culture conditions [6] allowed the evaluation of embryo development and the selection of the “best” embryo for transfer...
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- View Link - Keywords:Monozygotic/twinning/MZT/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:link.springer.com] Viewed: 4
IVFD Multi-chorionic pregnancies following single embryo transfer at the blastocyst stage: a case series and review of the literature
Conclusion(s): The accepted theory of monozygotic twinning resulting from the splitting of an embryo per a strict post-fertilization timing protocol must be re-examined with the advent of observed multi-chorionic pregnancies resulting from single blastocyst transfer in the context of IVF.
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- View Link - Keywords:Monozygotic/Single embryo transfer/Blastocyst/MZT/SET/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:link.springer.com] Viewed: 3
IVFD Detection of segmental aneuploidy and mosaicism in the human preimplantation embryo: technical considerations and limitations
Whole-chromosome aneuploidy screening has become a common practice to improve outcomes and decrease embryonic transfer order in patients undergoing treatment for infertility through in vitro fertilization. Despite implementation of this powerful technology, a significant percentage of euploid embryos fail to result in successful deliveries. As technology has evolved, detection of subchromosomal imbalances and embryonic mosaicism has become possib
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- View Link - Keywords:NGS/PGT-A/segmental aneuploidy/mosaicism/
  Publications / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:www.fertstert.org] Viewed: 0
IVFD The impact of periconceptional maternal lifestyle on clinical features and biomarkers of placental development and function: a systematic review
The findings revealed that maternal smoking was associated with lower first-trimester placental vascularization flow indices/Alcohol use was associated with a lower placental weight./Adequate nutrition in the first trimester, periconceptional folic acid supplement intake and strong adherence to a Mediterranean diet, were all associated with a lower resistance of the uterine and umbilical arteries in the second and third trimester./
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- View Link - Keywords:placental health/smoking/alcohol/caffeine/body weight/nutrients/ultrasound/serum biomarkers/histopathology/
  Miscellaneous / [Posted:17/11/2018] / [Source:academic.oup.com] Viewed: 2

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