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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2018.39 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 7886-7890 Posted 19/9/2018 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment:The issue of consent of the collection and use of sperm from a deceased male is highlighted in a legal case from the UK, clear guidelines of oocyte cryopreservation, links between sperm quality and embryo quality and lack of urology inspection of older couples using IVF and finally pregnancy rates in high responders are the topics in this weeks distribution. Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD The use of assisted reproductive technology before male factor infertility evaluation
Conclusions: The prior use of ART is common among men presenting for an initial evaluation at a male infertility specialty clinic. Older female partner age was associated with use of reproductive technologies prior to evaluation, however, semen analysis parameters were not.
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  Publications / [Posted:19/9/2018] / [Source:tau.amegroups.com] Viewed: 4
IVFD Paternal factors contributing to embryo quality
Conclusion: We propose that careful assessment of spermatozoal parameters is essential to achieve embryo development and a healthy live birth. However, the heterogeneity in test results and the different approaches of assessing a single sperm parameter highlight the need for more research and the development of standardized protocols to assess the role of sperm factors affecting embryo quality.
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IVFD The significance of fertility: A landmark ruling on posthumous conception
The recently published case of Y v A Healthcare NHS Trust is a unique and important legal ruling on posthumous conception in the UK (see BioNews 959). The decision sends an important message that individual fertility and reproductive legacy not just property can warrant protection.
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IVFD Freeze eggs before 35 for IVF success, says UK report
The age at which a woman freezes her eggs has a significant impact on IVF success when they are thawed, suggests a new report by the UK's fertility regulator. The report, by the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), looked at data from UK fertility clinics between 2010-2016. It concluded that women should freeze their eggs before the age of 35 for the chance of conception with IVF to be higher than the chance of natural conception
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IVFD Fresh versus frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer in high responders
Conclusion: Our study results suggest that fresh and frozen-thawed embryo transfers have similar IVF results in patients with a high risk of OHSS. Calcium infusion is beneficial in preventing OHSS without altering pregnancy rates. Both IVF protocols with calcium infusion can safely be applied in high-responder patients without lowering success rates.
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  Miscellaneous / [Posted:19/9/2018] / [Source:journals.viamedica.pl] Viewed: 7

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