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Key Performance Indicators
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KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator.
They are any piece of information about your clinics activity that is regularly recorded and reviewed to provide an insight into how the clinic is performing relative to previous time periods. The time period over which information is collected can vary from days to weeks to months to years or any other time frame.
KPI's are examined to see if the activity or performance or other measure is rising or falling or steady. Based upon their review, a clinic may change its activity or confirm that an improvement has been achieved or that the system is not performing to expectation and needs to be investigated.
Examples of KPI. These may include:
number of egg collections/month
Number of new cases/month
Proportion of young to older women treated/quarter.
Pregnancy rate/year
Number of ultrasound scans per week per ultrasonographer
Number of donor sperm inseminations per week
Public and Private KPI
IVFBenchMark has created a number of common KPI that are available to all users.
Users are also able to create private KPI that may better suit their clinics own requirements. Private KPI are not visible to other users although IVFBenchMak reserves the right to convert a private to a public KPI where appropriate to all external comparisons to be made.
PUBLIC KPI are available to all users. Each clinic enterers their own KPI data (which is anonymous) but IVFBenchMark provides the capability for each clinic to compare their own performance with the mean activity of all other clinics who have entered data for the same months.
Click here to see to list of public KPI that clinic can use.
Users can create their won KPI List.
Once you have been provided access to IVFBenchMArk, you can then create your own specific KPI List. You can choose between the public KPI and any that you have created yourself.
After you have created the KPI List, you can then set up some parameters for action and warning levels. These leels can be
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