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Anonymity is Key to using IVFBenchMark.com
IVF BenchMark uses a once only registration process to provide absolute anonymity. All data is stored by an anonymous ID that is not liked to any other information.
There is a good reason why clinics may be way of using IVF Benchmark. Data can never be considered secure on the Internet regardless of a web sites security measures. The only way information can be managed is if the identity of the clinic is nonexistent.
To do this, IVFBenchMark has developed a once only, single step to gain access to its KPI management tools. Here is how it works.
A clinic must register with FertAid at www.fertaid.com - the email address must be refer to the clinic to ensure that the registration is associated with an IVF establishment. FertAid reviews all registrations including those for its EQA management tools or IVFDaily distrubutions. This has over 1,000 registrations so listing is in itself no indication that a clinic is using the IVFBenchMarking toolkit. If the email address is directly linked to an infertility clinic, a link will appear that can provide a once-only live anonymous registration to IVFBenchMark.
Selecting the link will send the recipient an email with a link to join IVFBenchMark with once only ID and logon code and password. There is no link retained anywhere inside FertAid that a IVFBenchmark ID has been created and consequently there is no way that FertAid or anyone else could identify the data is belonging to your clinic. If you forget the link, it is lost.
IVFBenchMark will provide you with an option to log a separate email to correspondence but this email should be one unrelated to your clinic. eg johnsmith@gmailcom
IVFBenchmark will provide you with an opportunity to indicate the country where you are located to allow you to compare your performance with other local clinics but individual data is never displayed in a way that may allow further interrogations.
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