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During early 2019, Fertaid will be upgrading elements of QAPonline.

The following links are to presentation presented by involving QAPonline or on Laboraory accreditation that may be of interest to you.

FertAid Presentations on Gamete/embryo Assessment.
"Gamete Assessment and Quality Perspectives." J Stanger, Vitrolife Workshop Adelaide 2007
Presentation from QAPonline.
"Sperm Morphology Audit - Assessment of Individual Spermatozoa Reveals Worrying Skill Level" J Stanger - FSA Hobart 2007
Embryo Fragmentation - Alpha Meeting Lucerne 2006
Embryo grading - Alpha Meeting, Krems,2005.
Embryo Assessment-FSA Adelaide, 2004.
Accreditation and Standards
"Assessing Embryos" - ESHRE 2007 R Janssens Belgium
Laboratory Accreditation - Peter Kastrop-ESHRE 2008 Barcelona.
Tutorial - QAPonline Getting Started
Tutorial - Ultrasound training.
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