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Mail Name:IVFDaily 2018.43 EQA-Time Lapse Assessment
Distribution: 7906-7910 Posted 9/10/2018 Embryo Ranking Challenge-Invitation
Comment: Survey-2014 Laboratory Census
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IVFD Chromatin architecture changes and DNA replication fork collapse are critical features in cryopreserved cells that are differentially controlled by cr
This induction of DNA defects by the freeze-thaw process was not prevented by any cryoprotectant studied. Both in replicating and non-replicating cells, freezing and thawing altered the chromatin structure in a cryoprotectant-dependent manner. Interestingly, cells with condensed chromatin, which was strongly stimulated by dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) prior to freezing had the highest rate of survival after thawing. Our results will facilitate the de
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Publications / [Posted:9/10/2018] / [Source:www.nature.com] Viewed: 154
IVFD A novel solution for freezing small numbers of spermatozoa using a sperm vitrification device
The novel SpermVD is a simple efficient carrier, optimizing the protocol for freezing a small number of spermatozoa. It may allow for the routine use of frozen spermatozoa after TESE for men suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia and thus avoid repeated TESE surgeries. Furthermore, in cases of non-obstructive azoospermia, routine cryopreservation of the retrieved spermatozoa prior to the IVF cycle may avoid the risk of cycle cancelation and
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Publications / [Posted:9/10/2018] / [Source:academic.oup.com] Viewed: 227
IVFD COMFFETI, Combined Fresh and Frozen Embryo Transfers per Individual: A New Index of Quality Control for The Performance of Embryologic Labs in The Eme
Ongoing implementation of the freeze-all strategy has indicated the need to establish a new representative index that may combine the success of both fresh and frozen cycles performed in the same woman: an index that may not be biased by the policy of an IVF center towards or against the freeze-all strategy. This newly proposed index, which is referred to as COMFFETI (Combined Fresh & Frozen Embryo Transfers per Individual), describes the optimal
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Publications / [Posted:9/10/2018] / [Source:ijfs.ir] Viewed: 117
IVFD Single Sperm Freezing [Product for Pedieos IVF Center]
A new method of sperm storage is applied in selected group of patients. In severe oligospermic males or in azoospermic males which provided Testicular Tissue (MESA,TESA, TESE, Micro-TESE) samples with reduced number of spermatozoa the method of single sperm freezing using the SpermVD device is applied. This new method enables the embryologist to select and store a number of spermatozoa on each SpermVD device before freezing and before the ovarian
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Comments Linked to this Mailout
Can you cryostore very low numbers of sperm for ICSI?
In this Israel study 641 spermatozoa from 44 cases returned 96% recovery and 55% pregnancy rates
IN this report in Human reproduction from an IVF group in Israel, limited numbers (n=641) sperm from 444 men suffering from non-obstructive azoospermia were recovered from their ejaculate after extensive searching and frozen via vitrification in a novel sperm freezing device. On thawing 607 or 96% were recovered with ~30% motility. These were used in subsequent ICSI cycles with an fertilisation rate of 59%, a clinical pregnancy rate of 55% and an ongoing rate of 32%.| The cryostorage of low numbers of sperm is currently focused on similar male-factor cases as used in this study. The real value is that the sperm can be collected and stored prior to the female partner commencing an treatment cycle and for all future cycles.| However, if one considers that IVF/ICSI is slowly accepting that sperm quality at ICSI may become increasingly important especially with the risk of miscarriage after using sperm of elevate DNA Fragmentation, then pre-selecting sperm of a defined purity or selected parameters prior to an ICSI, then prior storage suddenly becomes attractive.| Added to this is a concern that there remains little control over how sperm are selected for injection and no standard rules. Clinics largely rely on the presumed skill of the embryologist which can become risky if a clinic is sued over a failed IVF cycle. How does a clinic prove the choice of sperm was best practice. One way is to preselect the sperm in a labour and time dependent process independent of the embryologist at injection.|

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