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Key QA Questions

Most QA schemes in QAPonline are based around one question - the Key QA Question - that is used to generate the statistical assessment of performance. The question is usually identified by the icon. It is used to summaries one performance by

  • Levi Jenning SD from the mean formats or Z score formats
  • the number of correct replies
In some schemes, the Key QA question is a numeric response e.g. What is the % normal forms for sperm morphology or what is the % fragmentation of an embryo?
In others is may be calculated or a summation type reply. For instance, in the embryo QA schemes, one cannot measure embryo quality. In such cases, a series of observations are made each with 2 or more options. Each option is allocated a weighting and the sum or multiplication of the observations can be converted into a numeric value. The value may reflect the quality of the embryo but is been generated purely for the purpose of exploring the participants observational skills. It may or may not have any direct correlation to say pregnancy.
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