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Data Structure for QA Schemes
The majority of QA schemes and education schemes are built around a define hierarchy of tables. Essentially these areas follows
Level 1
This is the major division. Examples are Embryology or Andrology.
Level 2
Within each group, there a number of specific Quality Assurance Series. Examples include Fragmentation, Pronuclear, Early Cleavage and Blastocyst Series inside the Embryology Group.
Level 3

The actual Quality Assurance scheme is a subset in a QA Series that operates for a specific year. Thus One series is composed of a number of QA Schemes. This is the basic scheme for subscription. For example Sperm Motility 2007, Sperm Motility 2006, Sperm Motility 2005, etc are all QA schemes inside the QA Series - Sperm Motility

Level 4
Monthly Instalments
Each QA scheme is composed of a number of instalments. Each instalment has a specific date stamp that determines when participants may access the questions inside it. Essentially each instalment contains an image or equivelent object or text and a number of questions. Usually one of the questions is a key QA question around which the whole QA series is built.
Level 5
Each instalment contains a number of questions. A question may require a numeric reply, may be a number of options, may be a measurement questions ( eg for ultrasound), a true/false or right or incorrect reply or a calculated question.
It sounds complicated but the advantage for users is that all schemes operate the same way. So once you have mastered the first scheme, all the rest sort of work the same way. EASY!!
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