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Cal Questions
Information on Calculated Questions.
Several QA Schemes convert a series of empirical observations into a "Score". The distributions of such replies approaches a normal distribution and allows manipulation of replies in standard Levi Jenning type formats of SD units from the mean. QAPonline has developed a series of calculated questions where appreciate e.g. in various embryology schemes.
List of calculated questions.
Question Comment
-Embryo Score-Ver 1 This score calculates the number of cells *[cleavage+ Fragmentation+cell size+compaction]
-Blastocyst Score-Ver 1 This score calculates a blastocyst value from the Gardners Grading Scheme
-Pronuclear Score-Complex This score uses Scotts description plus other observations to create a numeric Z score for QA purposes
-Pronuclear Score-Simple This score uses Scotts description translating a Z score into a numeric AP value
-Oocyte Score This score translates 5 parametes on egg quality to a score/100
-Risk Assessment This score translates the likelihood of an event times the impact into a score/100
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