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QAPonline. - An Overview
Why QAPonline? Better clinics see Quality Assurance as a tool to improve the service provided to couples seeking treatment. Unfortunately, many clinics see participation in an External Quality Assurance Scheme only as a vehicle to gain accreditation and that their staff are more than capable of embryo selection and other visual skills. QAPonline disagrees with this view. Here's why...
INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION. At the core of QAPonline is individual participation. Analysis of each staffs submissions, allows each staff to assess their own performance and allows the clinic supervisors to review their performance and when combined, allows the clinics own performance. Since each staff members activity is available, this allow them to carry your EQA performance between employment and can be added to your CV.
STANDARDISED MODULES. QAPonline is a structured quality assurance programme. The structure of each module is the same with monthly releases, multiple questions, one key QAP question and uses videos or a slideshow of images of gametes or embryos. All EQA schemes are repeated each year (with varying images). Embryology modules uses unique algorithms to convert embryos grading to numeric scoring. Furthermore, QAPonline innovated approach continues to develop new EQA modules to better reflect clinical needs.
CLINIC SUPERVISOR. The statistics of each release is regularly computed and allows the QAP Supervisor virtual access to their clinics performance. QAPonline has a number of powerful statistical analysis to provide individual review, internal or external comparisons
LIST OF EQA MODULES. QAPonline provides both standard and new targeted EQA modules. The highly structured database allows for new and focused EQA modules to be developed such as for Halosperm or Embryoscope Time-lapse imagery.
CERTIFICATION. While QAPonline does not offer formal certification of competency [this can only be done at the clinic level], a certificate of participation and performance against other participants is available for each scheme. Individual Staff may retain a certificate of their activity and performance as part of their CV or when seeking new employment.
FAQ. While you should have more questions, FQA attempts to provide answers to the most common one.
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