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Modules HHAMH
Information on QA Scheme: Endocrinology Follicular Phase AMH - 2015
Comment = An EQA scheme to estimate the Follicular Phase Serum AntiMullarian Hormone concentration. Ten samples to be analysed between February and November 2011 containing 0.8-1.0 ml serum from multiple women during the follicular phase of IVF treatment. The samples have been pooled from women with similar AMH that range between 1 and 70 ng/mlThe serum has been obtained from HIV, Hep B and Hep C negative women and stabilized with the bacteria-static addictive ProClin 150. In 2014, there are two additional samples (C1 and C2)that are identical and are to be assessed at the start (C1) and the end (C2) of the 2014 programme.
Number of enrollments =9 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HHA2015.01 AMH EQA Feb 2014 1/2/2015
HHA2015.02 AMH EQA March 2014 1/3/2015
HHA2015.02A AMH EQA March 2014 C1 1/3/2015
HHA2015.03 AMH EQA April 2014 1/4/2015
HHA2015.04 AMH EQA May 2014 1/5/2015
HHA2015.05 AMH EQA June 2014 1/6/2015
HHA2015.06 AMH EQA July 2014 1/7/2015
HHA2015.07 AMH EQA August 2014 1/8/2015
HHA2015.08 AMH EQA September 2014 1/9/2015
HHA2015.09 AMH EQA October 2014 1/10/2015
HHA2015.10 AMH EQA November 2014 1/11/2015
HHA2015.11 AMH EQA December 2014 1/12/2015
HHA2015.11B AMH EQA December 2014 C2 1/12/2015
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Endocrinology Follicular Phase AMH - 2015
ID Question Question Format
594 What is the AMH concentation [in pmol/l] Numeric Outcome
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