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Information on QA Scheme: Halosperm DNA EQA
Comment = An EQA/Competency schemes for the assessment of sperm DNA fragmentation by the Halospem method. This scheme is operated in conjunction with Dr Marc Van den Bergh, Kantonsspital Baden AG, Switzerland.
Number of enrollments =35 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HAL2011.01 Halosperm March 2011 1/3/2011
HAL2011.02 Halosperm June 2011 1/6/2011
HAL2011.03 Halosperm September 2011 1/9/2011
HAL2011.04 Halosperm December 2011 1/12/2011
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Halosperm DNA EQA
ID Question Question Format
636 % Grade A - No Halo [Highly Fragmentation/Abnormal] Numeric Outcome
637 % Grade B - small Halo [Moderate Fragmentation/Abnormal] Numeric Outcome
638 % Grade C - moderate halo [Mild Fragmentation/Normal] Numeric Outcome
639 % Grade D - Large Halo [No Fragmentation/Normal] Numeric Outcome
640 % Grade E - Degenerate Sperm (not counted in %DFI in 2012, included from 2013) Numeric Outcome
641 Is the %DFI clinically significant? Defined Options
635 What is the % DNA fragmentation by Halosperm [(A+B)/[A+B+C+D)] Numeric Outcome
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