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Information on QA Scheme: Early Human Embryology QAP-2024
Comment = A series of images of human cleavage stage embryos for QC/QA purposes. The images may be either animated gif files, static multiple embryo images or 15 second videos in either avi,mpg or mov formats. The primary question used for quality assessments, the QAP question, is the same calculated embryo scrore parameter [ESP]. This allows for the assessment to be based upon the common criteria embryologists used in their daily embryo grading. The sum of each paramter leads to a calculated value that is submitted for assessment and comparison. The multiple images (4 per page) is used to assess comparative judgements for both transfer and for freezing. A text based summary has been included allowing participants to review how others describe and guage embryos. While the replies to all questions can be probed from conformity, the QAP question forms the basis for internal quality control and for external comparison for both each staff member and for the clinic overall.
Number of enrollments =123 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HEE2024.01 Single Human Embryo 1/1/2024
HEE2024.02 Single Human Embryo 1/2/2024
HEE2024.03 Single Human Embryo 1/3/2024
HEE2024.04 Single Day 2 Human Embryo 1/4/2024
HEE2024.05 Single Human Embryo 1/5/2024
HEE2024.06 Single Human Embryo 1/6/2024
HEE2024.07 Single Human Embryo 1/7/2024
HEE2024.08 Single Human Embryo 1/8/2024
HEE2024.09 Single Human Embryo 1/9/2024
HEE2024.10 Single Human Embryo 1/10/2024
HEE2024.11 Single Human Embryo 1/11/2024
HEE2024.12 Single Human Embryo 1/12/2024
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Early Human Embryology QAP-2024
ID Question Question Format
9 Describe the degree of compaction. Defined Options
223 How even are the size of the blastomeres. Defined Options
207 How many cells are in the embryo Numeric Outcome
202 How would you describe this embryo AND GRADE BY YOUR OWN CLINICS GRADING PROCESS? Educational Outcome
505 If this embryo was one of several to be frozen or discarded, what would you decide? Defined Options
28 Is the rate of cleavage normal? Defined Options
211 What is the % fragmentation on this embryo Numeric Outcome
206 What is the embryo score for this embryo Calculation Outcome
694 What is the ESHRE/ALPHA Grade for this embryo. Defined Options
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