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Information on QA Scheme: Human Sperm Morphology - 2020
Comment = The scheme provides two functions. The first portrays images of individual spermatozoa to explore your interpretation of their morphology [head, midpeice, etc]. Other images that contain more than 1 spermatozoa are designed to assess which sperm you consider normal. The second function is quality assurance where a series of images from an individual stained preparation are exhibited. Participants estimate the % normal forms that are submitted for statistical review. The educational function is desgined to compliment the QA function to allow feedback and continuous improvement. You can compare your interpretation of what is normal both within your own group (if you have established an INTERNAL QAP group) as well as against other professionals working in Andrology. The benchmark standard for this scheme is the WHO manual (4th edition). Please use the FEEDBACK option available when all questions are completed to provide additional material. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Number of enrollments =40 [* This indicates only the number of enrollments. Not all participants will have completed the scheme]
List of QA Issues (or Instalments)
Code Title Available from
HAA2020.01-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/1/2020
HAA2020.01-2 % Normal Forms 1/1/2020
HAA2020.02-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/2/2020
HAA2020.02-2 % Normal Forms 1/2/2020
HAA2020.03-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/3/2020
HAA2020.03-2 % Normal Forms 1/3/2020
HAA2020.04-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/4/2020
HAA2020.04-2 % Normal Forms 1/4/2020
HAA2020.05-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/5/2020
HAA2020.05-2 % Normal Forms 1/5/2020
HAA2020.06-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/6/2020
HAA2020.06-2 % Normal Forms 1/6/2020
HAA2020.07-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/7/2020
HAA2020.07-2 % Normal Forms 1/7/2020
HAA2020.08-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/8/2020
HAA2020.08-2 % Normal Forms 1/8/2020
HAA2020.09-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/9/2020
HAA2020.09-2 % Normal Forms 1/9/2020
HAA2020.10-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/10/2020
HAA2020.10-2 % Normal Forms 1/10/2020
HAA2020.11-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/11/2020
HAA2020.11-2 % Normal Forms 1/11/2020
HAA2020.12-1 Single Sperm Assessment 1/12/2020
HAA2020.12-2 % Normal Forms 1/12/2020
List of Questions asked for QA Scheme:Human Sperm Morphology - 2020
ID Question Question Format
685 Based upon this parameter alone, what treatment would you recommend? Defined Options
93 Describe the appearance of the acrosomal region Defined Options
15 Describe the morphology of the sperm head. Defined Options
16 Describe the morphology of the sperm midpiece Defined Options
17 Describe the morphology of the sperm tail. Defined Options
187 How would you define the morphology of this sample [using the scheme criteria] Defined Options
23 Is spermatozoon A normal? Defined Options
24 Is spermatozoon B normal? Defined Options
25 Is spermatozoon C normal? Defined Options
58 Is spermatozoon D normal? Defined Options
59 Is spermatozoon E normal Defined Options
61 Is spermatozoon F normal Defined Options
166 Is spermatozoon G Normal Defined Options
718 Is spermatozoon H Normal Defined Options
21 This is a question about sperm maturity. Describe the Cytoplasmic Droplet Status of the Sperm. Defined Options
51 What is the % normal forms Numeric Outcome
593 What is the percent vacuolated sperm? [One or more vacuoles present in the sperm head]. Numeric Outcome
20 Would you consider the quality of the sperm staining adequate for assessment. Defined Options
Detailed Information on Question: Would you consider the quality of the sperm staining adequate for assessment.
Status This is not a key question for the Scheme    
Type Defined Options
Order Question Options
1 The staining is suitable for assessment
3 The staining is NOT suitable for assessment
2 The staining is suboptimal but adequate for assessment
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